A message from the founder of Rob’sARTTT
Rob Holland

robJust before my 15th birthday (Mother’s Day), I was taken into hospital. Previously, I had been back and forth to hospital and been diagnosed with different problems, food poisoning, gastroenteritis, a hernia and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

On my last visit, the doctor noticed that my prostate gland was swollen and I was finally admitted for further investigation. After a number of blood tests and scans, they noticed several tumours in my abdomen. I was transferred to The John Radcliffe Children’s Hospital in Oxford, where the Consultants confirmed I had the rare cancer, (DSRCT).

I had 5 courses of chemo, which made me feel really sick, and I lost 3 stone in weight. I was fed with a feeding tube straight into my abdomen, to help maintain my weight. All this was to no avail, as the chemo had little or no affect on the tumours, that were later to take my life.

My aim is to raise awareness of this rare Cancer and to fund research into the disease. I hope to help save lives or at least give others a longer and better quality of life. I also hope to ensure that other teenagers know about this rare and very agressive disease.   Rob 9/5/92 – 4/9/07


For information about DSRCT please click here.

Please see our Links page for stories of other brave people who have lost their lives to DSRCT.



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10 months ago

We have one more space for anyone interested in a skydive. Please email. amanda@robsarttt.co.uk

11 months ago

Thank you for all your support at the Bingo tonight. We raised £58.50 !!

11 months ago

Whilst we were in Asda today, collecting, we were approached by two lovely people with beaming smiles, who had an envelope for Robsarttt. They know of Rob through family members.. We were so touched and cannot thank them enough for presenting us with a cheque for £500 through their company fundraising.. I am moved by such kindness... Rob would be sooo proud.. Thank you so much..

11 months ago

Thank you so much Asda customers for all your support.... We raised: £129.57!! today in our collections..

11 months ago
Photos from RobsARTTT's post

We are here till 4pm Come and say Hi!

11 months ago

We are looking forward to spending the day this Saturday in Asda High Wycombe. 10am-4pm

Come and say Hi!

11 months ago
Five News | Rare Teenage Tumour

Robs final wish....

Rob Holland suffers from a rare teenage tumour and has set up a charity to support research into the disease.

11 months ago

What a wonderful family friendly night. Thank you to Fran at the Spindle and Thread for hosting the Charity quiz night and to the trainee chef, who went to HGSS putting robsarttt forward. It was good to see so many faces we knew.

Raising £216!!

11 months ago

We are holding an easter egg hunt on 12th April.. More details to follow.

I have emailed big companies. But sadly not heard...

If anyone can kindly donate chocolate eggs.. as we need to make little hampers for the winning teams and runners up. We would be forever grateful. Also we are desperate for some helpers...

pls pm us if you can help in any way. Thank you!

11 months ago
Meet the Team

We are pleased to introduce our newest Trustee of Rob'sARTTT - Colin Dunkerton!

I have worked closely with the charity for many years, organizing Football matches and sky-dives to raise money and awareness. Although thought we needed some change an innovation, an example would be the introduction of the above and beyond yearly award (we have some inspirational people who have d...

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