Amanda Dunkerton – Secretary / Treasurer (Rob’s Mum)

It was my son’s lasting wish to set up his charity and raise funds for research into DSRCT in the hope that we can find an effective treatment so that other teenagers do not go through what he did.  I am very proud to be a part of Rob’sARTTT , to carry on Rob’s Legacy.  His bravery and courage continues to live on in me and gives me the drive and determination to continue all Rob’s hard work.  

I am proud that the awareness of Rob’sARTTT has reached around the world. I have met some amazing people and been out of my comfort zone many times.  I will continue with the charity as long as I possibly can.


Chris Holland – Chairperson (Rob’s Father)


Caroline Busby –  Trustee


Colin Dunkerton –  OUR NEWEST Trustee  

Who am I?

My names is Colin Dunkerton (Husband to Rob’s mother Amanda), I work in the construction industry as a works manager.

Why Become a Trustee?

I have worked closely with the charity for many years, organizing Football matches and sky-dives to raise money and awareness. Although thought we needed some change and innovation, an example would be the introduction of the above and beyond yearly award (we have some inspirational people who have devoted a lot of time to raising money for the charity), this was a way for the charity to say Thank you.

Plus we need to keep raising money and awareness for the research at the Royal Marsden laboratory and hopefully find a cure and prevent others suffering.

How can I help the charity?

As a trustee I will be able to use my skills and experience and have a direct influence over the charity.


Colin Dunkerton