So! What’s been happening in 2011 


 We, along with a lot of our supporters have been busy!






Bag Packing – M & S Sat 17th Dec – Raised £159.90






HGSS Xmas Fete – Sat 19th November – Raised £240.50


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G & T Night – An Auction of Promise – Sat 22nd October – Raised £1,327.65!

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                            The Raffle Table                                         The Band – “The Lost Weekend”

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                           The Xmas Hamper                               Donated Xmas Cake for Separated Raffle

                                                                                             as modeled by Caroline Busby

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                      Halloween Hamper                                        The Busby’s  – Organising the Raffle

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             Thomas Tyrrell – Taking Tickets                             Amanda – With her welcome speech

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                 Abbie May’s family / friends                                             The Three T’s


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           Amanda with Trustees Caroline Busby                  Amanda With James Turner – Currently

 Karen Harrison and her work of art on Thomas Tyrrell       undergoing treatment for DSRCT



Great Missenden Fire Station – Sat 10th September – raised £828!


   With support from Fern Britten 


M&S Collection – Sat 3rd September – raised £321.74!


HGSS Teachers Running Wycombe Half Marathon – Sunday 8th July – raised in excess of £400!

                                   (Special thanks to Steve Mitchel (Science teacher @ HGSS) for organising sponsors!)
Our Children’s Entertainer, Karen Harrison Face painting – raised £240.65!

Bungee jump at The Masters pub in Downley – June – raised £500!


AMF Bowling High Wycombe – Saturday 5th June – raised £262.79!

(Special thanks to Abbie May for organising this event!)
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Sandra Findlow Tandem Skydive – Saturday 5th June – raised in excess of £900!



Man Utd Signed Shirt – Saturday 28th May – raised £1461!


Amanda, Pictured here with The Wendover Arms landlord Bill and our young drawer – Ellie May

The Winner was Graham Cooke – Surab Limited A local businessman who generously gave £50 and won!!! Ticket 141


Nag’s Head Charity gig – Wednesday 25th May – raised £98.12


M&S Collection – Saturday 14th May – raised £283.71!


Aby’s Tandem Jump – Saturday 9th April – raised £265!



Easter Weekend Raffle – 23rd, 24th and 25th April – raised £156!
The winner of the hamper is Lisa Goddard! Well done! Special thanks to Caroline Busby (Trustee) for organising this event along with her mum, dad and son (Thomas Tyrrell).
Car Boot Sale – Sunday 17th April – raised £103.50!
BAM Nuttall Raffle of signed England rugby shirt – raised £620!
Tesco Collection – 19th – 20th February – raised £110.52
Sponsored walk/Bucks Uni Stand – Sunday 13th February – raised in excess of £800!
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