Stewart Palmer – Aged 26 – Leeds –  Sadly passed away  12th April 2011




Stewart Sadly passed away from DSRCT at the beginning of April this year(2011)  He was 26 years old.  His fight and determination to survive this rare and very agressive cancer is one to be admired.  Our last convesation with Stewart was at the end of March when he was having alot of pain and was very frustrated that not enough was being done.  We reasured him that the Cancer is so rare that no one know what to do.  Rob’sARTTT is a charity set up to rasie funds for Teenage Cancer, in hope to find a treatment to prolong life.  He was very happy to talk to us and felt much better knowing others around him do care and are doing the best they can.  It still shakes us up to hear of a loss, but will continue the work Robert Holland set up to find that treatment!!!!   RIP Stewart xx



                                                 STEWART’S COURAGOUS JOURNEY:


Born Cleethorpes 2/8/1983-12/4/2011lived Grimsby, son of Veronica and Kevin Palmer, brother to Craig.  Degree in computer networks.

January 2009 felt really tired.

September 2009 doctors with stomache pains

Diagnosed with dsrct Dec 2009.

Chemo vide given 5 doses till May 2010. Made Stewart very ill and hardly shrunk tumour,given a break then chemo cysplatin given worked very well and Stewart felt well enough to go out and about.  Shrunk tumour which was as big as a melon by:

Aug 2010, ready to have op to remove it. Stewart was seeing Leeds hospital who we trusted but Stewart had been on about New York for op they are more radical there.I ask Stewart if we could go ask about this at Leeds but there were risks involved ,although we think we had enough money  there were alot of risks, risks we did not want to take. It was still 15% survival, although an American a mother had told Stewart ,thinks it could be higher but can’t prove it yet .This womans name is Beth Orgel her son still alive after 10 years although Dr Stark at Leeds had one who got married and had children. But they say it will always come back. Sadly we lost contact with our son, he went into hiding, reasons we do not know.  

We finally got him back Feb 2011, the tumour had grown even bigger than before, because he got infection from the invironment he was living in.  Chemo was stopped  as his body got used to it and the treatment was no good anymore. Stewart was put on low dose chemo, then he was very uncomfortable.After I built him up he wanted to have stronger chemo once again to shrink it ,but a stent needed to be put in to open tubes so it could flow through.

Stewart had a stent put in 7 April 2011 sadly he died 12 April 2011. Stewart would not have any councelling he was so frightened and angry and who could blame him.  Sadly his main focus was  to have the op and more chemo and stem cells which was too late for my son