What inspired me to choose this charity – Zac from the Masons – Master of his lodge


I was shopping at Asda about 16 months ago when I saw Amanda collecting for charity and stopped to find out more. After talking to Amanda about Rob’s ARTT, I asked how she was involved, and she told me she was Rob’s mother. I was very touched, so I gave a small donation and went back to my car. I sat and deliberated about Amanda and the charity for 10 minutes. I had recently become a father to a baby boy and what Amanda told me really hit home to me. I went back to see her and explained that I had been a Mason for many years and was about to become Master of my Lodge, which is called the Pillars of Friendship. During a Master’s term in office, he nominates charities for which he wishes to raise money, and I told Amanda that I would like to choose Rob’s ARTTT as one of my charities.

After my year in office, I contacted Amanda and to my surprise she remembered me and to her surprise, I kept my word! My Lodge managed to raise £1000 towards the research into this terrible disease, and I was extremely pleased to be able to hand over the cheque in person to Amanda and Rob’s dad Chris.





“Doing this talent show was hugely challenging, but the thought of doing this for an incredible cause is what kept me motivated through all the obstacles. I want to thank everyone who helped and attended the event. It truly meant a lot to me and I’m sure it did to Amanda, Chris and Steven as well. Watch this space for next year’s show!!”

RIP Rob xx













halfmara jul2008 

I ran the High Wycombe Half Marathon back in July for Rob’s ARTTT. With the help of friends & colleagues I raised £250.45. I have known Amanda for about two years for working at Lloyds TSB.













Jump – RAF Western On The Green – 11th May









anita john amanda steven

Thank you Rob for creating such a fab Charity and giving so many people the opportunity to have an experience of a lifetime whilst raising money for your cause. Thank you to all who will be taking part in the jump and especially those supporting and sponsoring on the day.   R.I.P Robert xxxxxx

John Dickens – Lloyds Bank (Jumping for Danny!) I am proud to be able to help with the Robs ARTTT Campaign, my hobbies include: catching Anacondas from a canoe on the Orinoco and hanging out in the Lost Cities in the jungles of Cambodia, I can’t wait!

Rob’s Mum and Brother Steven – I am scared to be pushed high on a swing yet alone jump 14,000 feet out of a plane.   Rob was an amazing son, so brave, never moaned, I know he must have been scared every day he was ill, so who am i to moan, jumping out of the plane, I know Rob will be with me, and be laughing all the way – I hope you enjoy your day Rob!!! oxoxo








London Marathon 13th Aprilnige sarah


Uncle Nige & Auntie Sarah, running the London Marathon to raise money for the bravest kid they have ever known!!













After 6 years of applications, this year i was finally accepted to run the London marathon, I have been training hard and hope to achieve my target time of 3hours 45minutes. When I heard Rob’s story from my younger sister Ruth who was lucky enough to have the pleasure of teaching Rob Geography at Holmer Green I couldn’t think of a better cause to run for. Rebekah Edgar






Jump – RAF Western On The Green – 21st October

micheles crew

This is Michele’s crew from John Lewis! From the right Michele Saunders, Kaysha George, Gemma Chilton


– Gemma unfortunately had to postpone her jump. We will keep you informed when she rebooks.












jon rad_nursesWe are the five Nurses doing the Skydive for Robs ARTTT on behalf of the Nursing Team at the John Radcliffe Children’s Hospital. We hope this can take Rob a step further to reaching his goal.xxxx

From the left; Kate,Hannah,Cat,Naomi and Katherine.














Jump – RAF Western On The Green – 30th September


kerry phil

Kerry & Phil – Phil and I have been thinking of doing something a little crazy like this for a while now.

When we heard about it we thought it was a great opportunity and to be able to help out with something so important at the same time.x


Pete – Alright Rob, sorry no comment!!

May Have something to add after though…..!!!!!

Sarah – What is jumping out of a plane compared to what you’re going through Rob?

Lots of love xxx

(Picture of me practicing earlier this week!!!)


Gary – Hello Rob, all the best. Hope we can go all the way to raising what you want.






Jump – Tom’s Crew! – Lewknor – 2nd September



Tom – I’m so glad I get to be part of this incredible cause. I strongly believe that Rob is one of the bravest people I have ever heard of. I don’t know him personally but I went to the same school as him and recognise who he is and I am so happy that I get to be part of his amazing efforts. Thanks.


Kayleigh – Hey I’m Kayleigh and I am terrified of heights!!! But knowing that I’m jumping out of a plane to help such a brave, kind and amazing person such as Rob is such a comforting feeling. I wish him all the best in all his efforts and hope I can help!

sam Sam – Hey, hey I’m Sam. I want to thank Rob for being so brave. Even though he is going through such a terrible ordeal he can still find the time to do such a kind hearted thing. I’m so please that I am part of such an amazing cause and hope I can help as much as possible, Thanks. amanda 2nd_sept Amanda – I’m really excited that I’ve been given the chance to do this for Rob. My mums actually a nurse and saves people’s lives every day and to be given the opportunity to even help in a small way is incredible. I have so much respect for Rob and what he’s doing so thanks for letting me be a part of this.